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africansattire.com_| | + 27 65 624 3082 - WhatsApp 1. We are a ready to wear premium African Man Clothes Brand. 2. We dress GentleMen from the top to the bottom -(SnapBacks, Tees & Shirts, Jackets, Trench Coats, BaseBall Jackets, Pants/ Trousers, Safari Runaway Shoes + more surprises of Unique, Genuine and Original African Attire for Men. 3. All African Attire for Men #Gentstyles are designed at our Global Head Office and Design Centre in Johannesburg South Africa 4. We formed strategic alliances with Garment manufacturing and Shipping companies who are located in most countries that can receive epacket which we aim to deliverwithin our service agreements. Africa Attire for Men is the ONLY African Based Online Shop in the top 5 and we are proud to be the the ONLY shop within the African Clothes for Men niche.